Friday, May 14, 2010

Decription and Fundraiser

Hello Blog readers, and welcome our blog!
We will be writing about pretty much everything to do with health, fitness, training, and last, but probably most important, nutrition. We will be coming at these topics from every angle possible such as the scientific basis for certain method and theories, practical application of these method and theories, and some of the cognitive aspects as well.
We will also post a new Paleo friendly recipe, for those people who are trying to eat more like our ancestral genes tell us to, at least once a week. This format will make it easier for us to answer question that we hear repeatedly, and it gives me the excuses to go geek out on some of this stuff.

This first post though I would like to, as the title implies, bring your attention to a fundraiser I am supporting. This fundraiser is to help a man named Owen Satterley make it to the 2010 Crossfit Games Northeast Regional in Albany, NY. Owen is a fellow Crossfitter, a friend, and a good guy who had to resign his spot at the European Regional when his pregnant wife got into a head on car accident. Both the mother and the baby are doing OK. Crossfit HQ was gracious enough to allow Owen to compete in the Northeast Regional if he could get there. The cost of medical bills, plane tickets, room accommodations, etc. can quickly add up to a terrifying amount. So I decided I wanted to help him out.
Here's what we are doing. For every $.05 donated I will complete 1lb from ground to overhead. So if $405 were to be donated I would have to do 8100lbs from ground to overhead, so 60 reps of 135lbs. To learn how to donate and more about this fundraiser please visit this link.!/note.php?note_id=121068677911452

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